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For an exhaustive history on the Zenit E, and the cameras that led up to it, as well as some detailed images of the camera itself, check out Alfred Klomp's informative website.
How-To: Vintage Camera Shopping
If you're thinking about buying a vintage camera, whether it's a Zenit E or something completely different, this blog post has some very useful tips on what to look out for.
Flickr Group: Zenit Users
To see more photographs taken by Zenit users, and to join the discussion group for all types of Zenit cameras, head over to the Zenit Users Flickr Group.


Lightbox 2
This project makes use of the excellent Lightbox tool to display larger versions of certain images. It's easy to apply to any webpage, and really brings images to life.
Zenit E manual -
The front cover of this project was inspired by copyright-free material as seen in an original Zenit E manual, which can be seen on this website.
Zenit-E model on Google Sketchup Warehouse
The logo seen at the top-left of this website is a render of the royalty-free Google Sketchup model of a Zenit E camera, created by contributor 'aul'.
A man takes a photo with a Zenit E SLR camera

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