Step one: a guide to your Zenit E

  1. Shutter release
  2. Film wind lever
  3. Exposure setting
  4. Light meter knob
  5. Film rewind knob
  6. Light meter indicator
  7. Film rewind button
  1. Flash hotshoe
  2. Exposure counter
  3. Light meter
  4. Film door latch
  5. Self-timer lever
  6. Self-timer shutter release
  7. Flash connection

A view of the top of the Zenit E SLR camera

A view of the front of a Zenit E SLR camera

The serial number of a Zenit E SLR cameraThe serial number on the back of your Zenit E tells you when it was made. The first two digits (e.g. 73) indicate its year of manufacture.