Step three - loading a film continued

Loading a film into a Zenit E SLR cameraFilm loaded inside a Zenit E SLR cameraPull out a length of film long enoughto reach the right-hand edge of the camera. Carefully insert the end of the film into the metal bracket on the reel in the recess on the right-hand side. You may need to rotate the reel a little with your thumb to line up the bracket. Make sure that the end of the film is securely inserted into the bracket, and that the film sprockets line up with the metal cogs at the top and bottom.

Wind on the film with the shutter-cocking lever. Doing so, you should see the film wind on smoothly and securely. This being the case, shut the film door and secure the latch. Press the shutter release to take a ‘dummy’ shot.

Film loaded inside a Zenit E SLR cameraThe back of a Zenit E SLR camera with its door shutRotate the exposure counter dial around the shutter release so that the arrow indicates zero. Rotate the film sensitivity dial (on the left-hand knob) to correspond to the ASA of the film you have loaded (100, 200, 400 etc). Your film is now loaded!