Step six - Rewinding the film

Winding on the film on a Zenit E SLR cameraAfter 24 or 36 shots, you will find that you cannot wind the film on. Don't force the lever; you may damage the film. Instead, return the lever to its usual position and prepare to rewind and unload your film.

Rewinding the film on a Zenit E SLR cameraA Zenit E SLR camera with its film door open and a rewound film insideHolding the camera firmly, rotate the film rewind knob (on the left-hand knob) anti-clockwise so that it pops up. With one hand, press down the film release button, to the left of the right-hand knob. Keep this button held down, and begin to rotate the film rewind knob clockwise. Keep holding the button down and rotate the other knob until it feels like the film is rewound all the way.

You may now open the camera back by releasing the latch. You may wish to do this briefly in a very dark space to ensure the film has rewound fully.

Finally, pull up the rewind knob and remove the film.