Step four - Taking photographs

A man taking a photo with a Zenit E SLR cameraClose-up of the knob and light meter on a Zenit E SLR cameraPoint the camera roughly at the object you are wishing to shoot. Now rotate the light meter dial (the outer ring on the left hand knob) so that the line and the ‘o’ in the window match up. Then set the aperture on the lens to whichever value you'd like, rotating the ring on the lens to the setting you desire.

As a rule of thumb, stick to lower numbers (1.8, 2, etc) for portraits and to pick out the subject against its background, or go for higher numbers (11, 16, or higher) for landscape shots, when you want as much of the image in focus as possible.

focussing with a Zenit E SLR cameraAdjusting the exposure setting on a Zenit E SLR cameraWith the aperture set, refer to the light meter dial on the left-hand knob. Locate the aperture value you have set, and find the corresponding exposure value. For example, for 2.8, you need an exposure of 1/125th of a second. Lift up and rotate the exposure knob to the desired setting (e.g. 125).