Step five - taking photographs (cont'd)

focussing with a Zenit E SLR cameraLooking through the viewfinder of a Zenit E SLR cameraBring your subject into focus by rotating the lens focus wheel until the desired subject is sharp and in focus. Compose the image so that the subject is where you would like it. Remember all the rules about composition – like the rule of thirds (Wikipedia link) – and then either stick to them or break them, depending on the kind of image you are after. When you are happy that your image is well-composed, and that the subject is in focus, press the shutter release (in the centre of the right-hand knob).

Taking a photo with a Zenit E SLR cameraYou should feel a fairly solid movement as the mirror rotates and exposes the film to the light. You’ve just taken your first photograph with a Zenit E! Well done. Now repeat the previous steps 24 or 36 times, depending on the size of the film you have loaded. Keep an eye on the exposure counter on the right-hand knob.